Morningside Management represents the following tribute artists:

Bon Jovi Experience

The Bon Jovi Experience - a tribute to Bon Jovi


“The Bon Jovi Experience” is an outstanding tribute to Bon Jovi.  They are the only Bon Jovi tribute band in the world to have actually played and shared a stage with Jon Bon Jovi himself!



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Are You Experienced

Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix Tribute


As seen on BBC TV's "Arena" Programme.


“ARE YOU EXPERIENCED?” are the world’s number one tribute to Jimi Hendrix, bringing you the authentic Jimi Hendrix “Experience”.


The guitar work is note perfect, the voice is Hendrix, and the persona of the man himself is on the stage, in the form of John Campbell.


“Unnerving accuracy – uncannily like the real thing.” 
Guitarist Magazine
“The sound that came from his guitar was genuine talent.”
The Sunday Telegraph.

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Cream of Clapton

Cream of Clapton


“Cream of Clapton” is a remarkable and utterly authentic tribute to Eric Clapton, covering the songs from his days in “Cream” and “Derek and the Dominoes”, as well as his spectacular solo career.


“An uncannily accurate performance of Slowhand’s best tunes throughout the years.” The BBC
“Tributes just don’t get any better than this.” The Stage

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Ultimate Bowie

Ultimate Bowie - a tribute to Bowie


“Ultimate Bowie” pays tribute to the work of global super-star David Bowie, in a show that is visually stunning and vocally impressive.


The band is not called “Ultimate Bowie” for nothing – This show captures the essence and authenticity of David Bowie in concert!



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The Stones

The Stones - a tribute to the Rolling Stones


“The Stones” bring to the stage all the energy and excitement of a live Rolling Stones concert.

This is not a “tongue in cheek” approach, but a serious tribute to their music - The greatest tribute band in the world pays tribute to the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World.



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oasish (tribute to oasis)


oasish are Europe's leading tribute to oasis, accurately re-creating the looks, the sound, and the attitude of oasis.


Nobody does this as well as oasish:


“oasish – better than the real oasis” - The BBC
“To see oasish live is as good as seeing the real oasis, only better ” - The Sunday Times
“The attention to detail this band have put in is quite incredible” - Sky News

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Sex Pistols Experience

The Sex Pistols Experience


The Sex Pistols Experience” is a relentless, raw, and unbelievably exciting show, that is utterly authentic!  WARNING : The “easily-offended” should beware!


They really are The Sex Pistols. Superb.” - Steve Jones (Sex Pistols Guitarist).

Good Luck with it!! ”- Johnny “Rotten” Lydon (Sex Pistols Singer).

Never mind the Bollocks usually aimed at tribute bands – This one’s NOT a rock ‘n roll swindle” – The Daily Star.


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The Karpenters


Together with the sensational Karpenters Band, The Karpenters recreate the music and the magic of our nostalgic yesterdays, as they perform all the wonderful songs The Carpenters made so famous all over the world!


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The Guns and Roses Experience


The Guns N’ Roses Experience”” perfectly captures all the energy of the legendary live Guns N’ Roses performance, with “Axl Rose’s” unique vocals perfectly replicated.


The world’s most authentic Guns N’ Roses experience.


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The Floyd Effect

The Floyd Effect - A Tribute to Pink Floyd


This 8-piece tribute show spans the complete Pink Floyd canon and includes much-loved material from “Wish You Were Here”, “Animals”, “Meddle”, “The Wall”, and “The Division Bell”. 


Visually stunning, and musically astonishing.


“The Floyd Effect have to be the most musically talented tribute band ever…”



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AC ϟ DC UK (A Tribute to AC DC)




AC ϟ DC UK has totally captured all the on-stage magic of AC ϟ DC.  They look like them; they sound like them; and they generate the rock and roll atmosphere of AC ϟ DC live in concert.




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Nights on Broadway

NIGHTS ON BROADWAY (A Tribute to the Bee Gees)


“Nights On Broadway” present a tribute to the Bee Gees through a fantastic live concert, featuring the Gibb brothers incredible songs from over four decades - with a unique blend of classic hits, acoustic medleys and dance floor favourites.



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Imagine an exciting tribute to The Beatles that is spot-on, both musically and vocally, and that re-creates all that energy and excitement, and brings “Beatlemania” back to life.


Actually, you don’t have to imagine it – it’s here!





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MOTHERSHIP (A Tribute to Led Zeppelin)


“MOTHERSHIP” is a band that gets it right – so: no costumes, no wigs, no nonsense – just great music.  


A singer with the range of Robert Plant, a guitarist with the flair of Jimmy Page, a bass player with the mastery and keyboard wizardry of John Paul Jones, and a drummer who has all the technique and power of John Henry Bonham... they are - “MOTHERSHIP”.



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Bryan Adams

THE BRYAN ADAMS EFFECT (A Tribute to Bryan Adams)


“The Bryan Adams Effect” brings to the stage all the energy and excitement of a live Bryan Adams Concert!  Musically and visually “spot on”, its time to re-live the magic of one of Canada’s most incredible performers.



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The Bohemians

"A Night of Queen" with The Bohemians


The Bohemians are the most dynamic and exciting Queen Tribute Band currently touring the UK, Europe and the world.


Standing ovations greet their performances, with full Staging, Lighting, Backdrops, Pyrotechnics and a Baby Grand Piano, as The Bohemians recreate Queen live in concert.  It’s an experience to remember!



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The Bohemians

‘ARRIVAL UK’ - The No.1 International ABBA Tribute


Arrival UK’ is a highly respected Abba Tribute band  - one of the most sought after tribute bands in the world today.  When it comes to recreating the sights and sounds of Abba -  'Arrival UK' are unsurpassed!!


‘Simply the best Abba Show I have seen bar none’ -  The Stage.

‘Brilliant - one of the best shows I’ve ever seen’  -  Des Lynam.

‘So much energy, they Rock ‘n’ Roll’   -  Slade.



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